JetBrains Space Help

User Authentication

Space comes with a built-in authentication module that lets users log in with Space username and password. To let users log in to Space with their third-party accounts, such as Google or GitHub, you can enable LDAP and third-party account authentication by configuring and enabling additional Auth modules.

Built-in authentication module

The Built-in Auth Module is the native authorization scheme for managing user account credentials. It is enabled by default.

Third-party authentication modules

These authentication modules allow the users to log in with third-party account credentials.

Open LDAP and Active Directory authentication modules

The Open LDAP and Active Directory authentication modules let users log in to Space with credentials that are stored in a directory service.

Logging in with multiple credentials

Depending on the auth modules enabled and their configuration, it may be possible for a user to log in with different credentials, all of which will be tied to a single username.

A list of credentials which the member has ever logged in with is shown in the member profile under Logins.

Detach credentials from a user account

Unwanted credentials can be removed from the user account. For example, if the user has mistakenly logged in with their home Google credentials instead of the work one, the wrong credentials can be detached from their username:

  1. Open the user profile.

  2. On the left-hand sidebar, choose Logins.

  3. Locate the wrong credentials on the list and click Detach.

If built-in module credentials were detached by mistake, access can be restored by resetting password on the login form.

Last modified: 28 September 2022