JetBrains Space Help

Get Notified About Absences

To start getting notifications in Chats (and optionally in your email) about absences of a certain person or all members of a certain team:

    • To get notified about an individual person, follow that person by opening their profile and clicking Follow next to their name. You can also follow a member from his/her team page, by moving your cursor to the member's card and clicking follow-member.png.

    • To get notified about all members of a specific team, add that team to Favorites by going to the team's page and clicking star.png next to the team name.

  1. On the navigation bar, click your avatar and choose My profile.

  2. On the profile sidebar, choose Notifications.

  3. On the Notifications page, enable the desired options under Absences.

  4. To get notifications in your email, check Enable email notifications. If you have specified more than one email in your profile, you can choose which one will receive notifications.


Last modified: 12 May 2020