Disable Tabs

Save space and stay keyboard-centric by turning off the tabs.

Want a cleaner UI with less noise to juggle in your head?

There are better choices for moving between files than tabs. Let's turn them off.

Tabs are a great way to focus on the few files for a task. But they have some downsides. Try disabling your tabs as a first step towards a more-focused, keyboard-centric workflow.

In Depth

People love tabs. It's the default way in PyCharm to jump around between the few files you are working on for a task.

But tabs have downsides:

  • Lots of mousing. Sure, you can learn some keystrokes to move between tabs, but they are a visual metaphor, and people instinctively use the mouse.

  • Clutter. Before long you have tons of tabs open and then need other machinery to help deal with tabs...which you used to help deal with files.

In this tip we show turning off tabs as a prelude to other tips related to keyboard-centric navigation. We show navigating through preferences to the action, as well as searching for the action and even setting it in the popup.

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