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Building APIs With The Django REST Framework
In this Django REST framework tutorial, you will create a rental platform API. The tutorial demonstrates how to use Python and Django REST framework in PyCharm to develop APIs.
Create a Django App in PyCharm
The core idea of Django is to let developers build their applications quickly. When you master this framework, the path from concept to production-ready web application will be a short one. However, if you want to go even faster, you can learn to create Django apps in PyCharm.
Django-in-PyCharm Tips, Reloaded
Two and a half years ago we did a “Django tips in PyCharm” webinar. This refresher swaps out some tips, but also shows lots of new goodness in the IDE.
Writing REST with Django and Ninja
Django Ninja is a FastAPI inspired library for turning your Django views into REST API end-points.

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Developing Django Application using AWS
Run, build, test and deploy Django Application in PyCharm using NICE DCV.