Learning resources on external sites, organized as part of the Guide.

Building APIs With The Django REST Framework
In this Django REST framework tutorial, you will create a rental platform API. The tutorial demonstrates how to use Python and Django REST framework in PyCharm to develop APIs.
Create a Django App in PyCharm
The core idea of Django is to let developers build their applications quickly. When you master this framework, the path from concept to production-ready web application will be a short one. However, if you want to go even faster, you can learn to create Django apps in PyCharm.
Writing REST with Django and Ninja
Django Ninja is a FastAPI inspired library for turning your Django views into REST API end-points.
Django-in-PyCharm Tips, Reloaded
Two and a half years ago we did a “Django tips in PyCharm” webinar. This refresher swaps out some tips, but also shows lots of new goodness in the IDE.
Who is behind Django? An interview with the DSF president
In this interview, we’ll be talking with DSF President Chaim Kirby about its history, what it does, what it needs, and what’s next.
Faster Django Queries With Materialised Views
Materialized views can be very useful for creating reports that will be used repeatedly. They cut down on query times because the query has already been made, and the view has been written to the disk.