Enable vim keybindings with IdeaVim plugin

Use the same keybindings from vim with a PlugIn

Want to use your muscle memory from Vim? You can!

All the keybindings you remember from vim, plus it's configurable to use PyCharm specific functionality. You can pick and choose which keybindings you prefer.

In Depth

Vim keybindings for PyCharm are available, and configurable. If you are comfortable navigating with vim, you don't have to be uncomfortable in PyCharm. The keybindings can even be shared with some keybindings applying to vim, and some to the native PyCharm keybindings.

A file, .ideavimrc, provides a configuration method just like a .vimrc configuration file so keybindings can be adjusted and vim leader keys remapped. (Haven't you wanted to turn that vim error-bell off?)

Just create a .ideavimrc file (even in windows!) with the following:

set visualbell
set noerrorbells
let mapleader = "\"

Append the following to that same file to use the copy-paste functionality without having to worry about which clipboard you are accessing:

map <leader>a :action $SelectAll<CR>
map <leader>c :action $Copy<CR>
map <leader>v :action $Paste<CR>
map <leader>x :action $Cut<CR>

To see an index of supported commands in the IdeaVim Plug-in, click here