Reduce Clutter by Disabling Tools

Save space by turning off various toolbars and Project Tool.

You don't have to use all those tools. Let's turn them off.

By default, PyCharm has lots of features visible and available. As you learn your way around, you want to give more space to the editor and focus on your coding.

In this tip we disable a number of default toolbars and then hide the file browser.

In Depth

People associate IDEs with busy UIs filled with buttons and knobs and distraction. But that's just the default. It doesn't have to be that way. Once you get oriented, you can turn off everything you don't need and get a lean coding experience.

In this tip we use the View menu to disable 3 toolbars. We then take the big step of hiding the Project Tool window, with its file explorer.

"How will I navigate to my files?" you ask. Later tips will answer that, ultimately with: "You don't." Meaning, you grow out of "files" as a useful place to jump to.

In fact, later tips will show how you can, with the keyboard instead of the mouse, temporarily bring some of those hidden tools back from the dead.

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