Undo Last Commit

Easily and visually recover from a commit-in-error.

Oops, I committed again.

We always remember something just after a commit. Let the IDE help you "uncommit" an un-pushed commit.

In Depth

We get into the flow, moving fast, committing fast, then... uh-oh, we committed too soon. Usually two seconds after clicking Commit. Fortunately PyCharm makes it easy to undo the commit if it hasn't yet been pushed.

Go to the Version Control tool window and click on the Log tab. Then right-click on the commit and choose Undo from the context menu.

The changes in that commit need to go "somewhere." In PyCharm, that "somewhere" is called a changelist. You can send that commit's changes to a new changelist (by default, one labeled with the commit message) or to the Default Changelist. Then click Undo.

You can now deal with the changes in that commit using normal "changelist" machinery. It's as if the commit never happened.

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