Datalore features

Datalore is a collaborative data science platform.
It is available in a managed cloud for personal use on the Community and Professional plans, or as a privately hosted service for companies on the Enterprise plan.

Professional and Enterprise features are highlighted respectively

Smart Python, Kotlin, Scala, and R notebooks

Datalore is Jupyter-compatible and comes with smart coding assistance for Python, Kotlin, Scala, and R. Each notebook has an isolated environment, integrated environment manager, internal versioning, and integrated storage.

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Database connections and SQL cells Enterprise Professional

In Datalore you can connect to a wide range of databases from the interface, browse database schema, and then query your data with native SQL cells. You can start working with SQL and then seamlessly continue to work with the query result using Python in the same notebook.

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In Datalore you can collaborate on code in real time. You can share notebooks simply using a link or email invitation and set the level of access as either view or edit. You can also organize team projects in workspaces and share the data with your whole team using workspace files.

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Turn your notebooks into interactive data stories with a single click. You can hide code cells from viewers and share static or interactive reports with your stakeholders by simply providing them with a link to the report.

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On-premises installations Enterprise

Datalore can be hosted in a private cloud and on-premises by companies that require extra customization and data security. The Enterprise plan includes custom configurations for SSO, environment configuration and computational resources.

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Compare plans

The comparison table below highlights some of the main differences between the Community, Professional, and Enterprise plans