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Choosing the right plan

This article provides guidance on how to choose the right License Vault plan for your team. You can follow the steps outlined below to try out various features and decide which of them seem like a good match.

Alternatively, you may want to start by studying the overview of the plans to get a general idea of their feature sets and then return to this page later to get some hands-on experience.

If you already know which plan you want to continue with, you can skip straight to the upgrade instructions.

Start with the free trial

Any License Vault experience starts with the flexible trial plan that allows you to get a feel for License Vault and explore its features.

The trial plan comes with 10 free All Products Pack licenses that are available for the entire 2-month trial period. Your company can have up to 2 trial instances of License Vault, simultaneously or one after the other.

The following sections offer guidance to help you make the most of your trial period.

Add your own licenses to License Vault

After you've taken your License Vault for a quick test drive with the 10 free All Products Pack licenses provided with the trial, you might want to add your own licenses to see how the automatic distribution works on a larger scale.


When you add your own licenses, you'll be able to keep track of license consumption for your whole team. This will help you figure out which License Vault features might be useful to you in the future.

How to try it

Refer to Getting started for instructions on how to add more licenses to your License Vault.

To avoid interruptions to your team's work, make sure you configure user access in advance, share the License Vault URL with your users, and provide them with the activation instructions.

What to pay attention to

Keep an eye on the License usage statistics, including the Denials Report, to see how often your team runs out of licenses and whether individual users tend to consume multiple licenses for the same product.

Try Floating mode


This feature allows you to quickly transfer licenses between users. If one of your team members stops using their product, the license becomes available for someone else in about 20 minutes. This allows you to share licenses between developers who work in different time zones or only run certain products occasionally.

Floating mode is provided exclusively with the Enterprise Floating plan, but you can try it out for free during the trial period!

How to try it

To enable it, go to your License Vault settings page and click the Floating mode toggle. During the trial period, you can turn it on or off as many times as you like.

The Floating mode toggle on the License Vault settings page

What to pay attention to

Use the allocation charts on the License Vault dashboard to track your usage ratio. This number indicates how many of your licenses are in use. With Floating mode on, you may notice a significant drop in the usage ratio. This would be a sign that Floating mode can help you save on license renewals and new purchases.

Determine which features are beneficial to your team

When you've learned a little more about your team's license consumption patterns, check out the Plan comparison table for a comprehensive list of the License Vault's features available with each plan.

Answering the following questions may help you figure out which features are a good match for your team.

  • Do you benefit from Floating mode?

    Floating mode is provided exclusively with the Enterprise Floating plan. If you're interested in this feature, consider this plan's other benefits and pricing.

  • Does your team tend to run out of available licenses?

    License management can be tricky in a team that is growing quickly or that often experiences temporary peaks in license usage. True-Up billing can help you overcome such difficulties by automatically providing additional licenses whenever you need them.

    True-Up is available with both usage plans. With Organization True-Up it's enabled by default and gets you up to 30% more licenses in addition to your prepaid ones. Enterprise Floating allows you to turn True-Up on or off and customize the limit according to your needs. With both plans, you handle payments for any additional licenses at the end of each billing period.

  • Do you often need to revoke licenses?

    If you have to revoke licenses more than 5 times per month, you might want to consider Enterprise Floating, as Organization True-Up has a monthly limit on revocations.

  • Do some of your users tend to consume multiple licenses for the same product?

    In some environments, users habitually run their IDEs and other tools on multiple machines. This can lead to inefficient license distribution, where one user consumes multiple licenses for the same product.

    If that's the case for your team, you might benefit from the per-user licensing optimization, which is available with Enterprise Floating.

Consider the license requirements

To be able to use License Vault, your company needs to have at least 50 supported licenses. Other requirements may apply depending on the plan your choose.

Refer to this page to confirm that the licenses you intend to use with License Vault meet the requirements for the plan you're interested in.

Calculate your costs

Before you make your final decision, consider the pricing for both plans:

  • Organization True-Up is free with your prepaid licenses. If you use any additional True-Up licenses, you pay for those at the end of the billing period.

  • Enterprise Floating offers optimization features that can significantly decrease license consumption in exchange for a usage fee. At the end of each billing period, you pay 20% of the base license price for the licenses used in Floating mode. There is no surcharge for unused licenses.

    If you have True-Up enabled and use any additional True-Up licenses, you also pay for those at the end of the period.

You can calculate your approximate costs when reviewing the upgrade options by following these steps:

To calculate your costs

  1. Go to the License Vault settings page.

  2. Click Review upgrade options.

    You can find the button here if your trial is still active:

    The button to review upgrade options on the License Vault settings page during the trial period

    Or here if it has expired:

    The button to review upgrade options on the License Vault settings page after the of the trial period
  3. Click Calculate costs next to the plan you're interested in. This will take you to the calculator.

    The License Vault costs calculator
  4. Enter your expected usage data. You can use the real data from your License Vault statistics.

  5. The calculator will show your approximate monthly cost. To compare the two plans, you can switch between them using the Plan toggle at the top of the page.

Upgrade to the plan of your choice

Once you've made your decision, follow the instructions provided in Upgrading to switch to the plan of your choice.

Last modified: 02 February 2024