dotTrace 2022.1 Help

Analyze Performance Profiling Results

When an application runs too slowly, it can be difficult to locate a problem and understand which action to take. Thus, the next step after profiling an application and getting a performance snapshot is analyzing snapshot data.

The analysis is performed in Performance Viewer - a set of views which give you different perspectives on the collected data. The viewer is run automatically after you collect a performance snapshot.

Snapshot analysis is a hardly formalized process, therefore you will not find any step-by-step guidance in this chapter. Nevertheless, it will give you an overview of all basic operations essential for performance analysis:

  1. Choosing the right view for snapshot data

  2. Identifying and narrowing an area of interest

  3. Finding application bottlenecks

  4. Simplifying analysis with subsystems

  5. Performance forecasting

  6. Previewing source code

  7. Comparing profiling data

In addition the chapter contains useful tips on how not to get lost in huge amount of snapshot data:

  1. Navigation and search

  2. Labelling and formatting functions

Last modified: 19 April 2022