JetBrains Space Help

Get Started with Automation

All you need to start your work with Automation is simply create a .space.kts file in the project root and put at least one job into it.

To set up Automation for a project

  1. Open or create the project you want to automate.

  2. Add the .space.kts file to the project repository:

    • On the project side bar menu, choose Jobs.

    • Click Create .space.kts. The file will be automatically added to the project root directory.

    By default, the created .space.kts file already contains the 'Hello world' automation script:

    job("Hello world") { container(displayName = "Say hello", image = "hello-world") }
    All this script does is run a Docker container with the 'hello-world' image.

  3. By default, a job is triggered by any commit that is pushed to the project repository. As Space added the file to the project through the 'git push', this triggered our "Hello world" job. Let's take a look at script run results:

    • On the project side bar menu, choose Jobs.

    • In the list of jobs, choose Hello world.

  4. Examine the job run results.

What's next

  • To learn more about Space Automation, see Jobs and Steps.

  • To get usage examples for particular technologies and frameworks, see Examples.

Last modified: 09 June 2021