Use Recent Files to Open Tool Window

From the Recent Files popup, open one of the IDE tool windows.

Want a fast way to open IDE tool windows without memorizing shortcuts?

Get to PyCharm tool windows from the Recent Files popup. Now that you know Recent Files, put it to use for getting to the tools windows such as Project and Version Control.

In Depth

We advocated in previous tips to hide the project tools and use the keyboard more. But how can get back to our tools?

You could memorize the keyboard shortcut for each tool. But that's a number of things to jam in the limited real estate of your memory. Instead, let's get mileage out of something you already memorized: Recent Files.

Use the Recent Files action (Ctrl-E or Cmd-E on macOS) to open the popup. From there, use your mouse or better yet, keyboard arrows to select the tool you want to open from the left column.

Even better, just use speed typing. Type term for example to highlight Terminal and press enter. The Terminal appears, with the focus...just as if you had memorized the keyboard shortcut.

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