RubyMotion IDE

RubyMotion lets you quickly develop cross-platform native apps for iOS, watchOS, macOS and Android. RubyMine brings all the essential productivity boosters to the world of RubyMotion apps.

Download RubyMotion
Free starter edition available

Quick Start

Set up your preferred look-and-feel

  • Choose between the light Default color theme or the dark Darcula theme.
  • If you are used to working with TextMate, Emacs, NetBeans, or Eclipse, you can just select your favorite keymap scheme.
  • Vi/vim/gvim emulation is also available via the IdeaVim plugin for RubyMine.

Create and open RubyMotion apps with ease

  • Create an iOS, macOS or Android RubyMotion app in one simple step, and RubyMine will generate the full project structure and run Bundler for you.
  • Open an existing RubyMotion app from a local folder.
  • Check out a RubyMotion app from Git, Subversion, Perforce, or other, and open it ready for work.

Run the simulator or deploy to a device

  • When creating a new RubyMotion app, RubyMine also creates default run/debug Rake configurations for you to run the app and the tests.
  • All RubyMotion Rake tasks are available within the IDE for you to easily deploy, clean the device, etc.

Smart Code Assistance

Context-based code completion available

  • While working with RubyMotion code, you can use code completion for Ruby, Objective-C and Java APIs.
  • Just start typing to filter the list of suggested options.
  • In case of CamelCase or snake_case names, type the initial letters only.

Quick documentation is always at hand

  • Quick documentation is available in code editor as well as in the code completion dialog both for Ruby and Objective-C.
  • RubyMine recognizes inline documentation created in accordance with RDoc and YARD.

Intention actions to stay one step ahead

  • RubyMine keeps a close eye on what you do in the editor and highlights any errors as you type.
  • Moreover, the IDE comes up with smart suggestions: auto-create a new method that you have not yet declared; perform i18n for a string value; fix an if/else statement; and much more.

Testing and Debugging

Run tests on the simulator or device

  • Create your tests with intelligent code completion and navigation.
  • RubyMine allows launching all tests in a directory, test scripts or scenarios, and even individual test methods.
  • Finally, view and work with the test results in the special test runner UI.

Set breakpoints and run your code step by step

  • Launching a debugging session is as simple as running your app: use the same predefined Rake task.
  • To find out what is wrong with your code, simply set a breakpoint by clicking in the left side bar next to a code line.
  • The Debug Tool Window shows everything you need: threads, variables and expressions.

Live Demo

Quick review of key features

  • Creating a simple RubyMotion iOS app
  • Adding some code
  • Running the simulator
  • Testing via spec
  • Working with console
  • Deploying to a device
  • Debugging on a device