Learning resources on external sites, organized as part of the Guide.

Synthesizing a Database With Kotlin
In this episode of Talking Kotlin, we discuss how Synthesized uses Kotlin together with custom DSLs and OpenAPI to do just that!
Zero to Document Hero - Introduction to MongoDB
Once upon a time, relational databases, or RDMS (think SQL), were the only data store in town. But now there’s a competitor, a group of non-SQL (aka NoSQL) databases, including document databases such as MongoDB.
Working with SQL and databases in WebStorm
In this webinar, we’ll show the basics of writing SQL queries and working with data using the Database Tools and SQL plugin for WebStorm.
5 Tips for Combining Python and SQL in Datalore
SQL is extremely good for data retrieval and calculating basic statistics, whereas Python comes into its own when you need in-depth, flexible exploratory data analysis or data science. What if you could use both programming languages inside of one tool?
Working with SQL and databases in Rider
In this webinar, we'll show the basics of writing SQL queries and working with data in Rider. All described is also relevant to the dedicated database IDE called DataGrip and all other IntelliJ-based IDEs.
DataGrip Overview
This is the overview video of DataGrip, the SQL IDE from JetBrains. We'll tell you about what DataGrip can do and how it can save you time
Webinar Summary - Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA
On October 16, 2020, we hosted the live webinar ‘Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA’ by Maksim Sobolevskiy, Product Marketing Manager for Database Tools at JetBrains.
Database Performance Tips with Django
Most performance problems in web applications come down to one thing, the database. In this webinar, veteran Python developer Andrew Brookins helps you squeeze every ounce of database performance from your Django application.
Create SQLite Connection
In this very short video you will learn how to drag-and-drop a .sqlite database file onto the Database tool to create a connection.