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Report performance issues

To figure out what is causing a performance issue, you have to collect and submit certain troubleshooting materials to the JetBrains support team. The type of the troubleshooting material depends on the issue that you experience.

You can review the information that is included in the generated HPROF and SNAPSHOT files by using any Java profiler (for example, YourKit). To review HPROF files, you can also use the profiler of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (Run | Open Profiler Snapshot | Open).

review HPROF files

The following situations might take place:

Uploading snapshots

If your snapshot is smaller than 10 MB, you can attach it directly to support tickets or YouTrack issues.

For files larger than 10 MB, use the JetBrains Uploads Service. After the upload is successful, share the Upload ID in the related support case or the Youtrack issue. For more information about getting help, refer to Support and assistance.

Consider archiving large or multiple files before uploading. If your upload speed is slow, split large archives into smaller parts.

Reporting your problem

To report an issue, you can use any option that is described in the Where to report an issue section. But we recommend using the JetBrains Support Center.

Submit a request in the JetBrains Support Center

  1. Click Help | Contact Support.

  2. Fill in the Submit a request form.

    If it is possible, attach some troubleshooting materials.

  3. Click Submit.

Last modified: 14 March 2024