JetBrains Space Help

Create and Manage Projects

A Space project is a self-contained and self-serviced workspace created for storing and managing work-related resources.

  • Any organization member can create a project.

  • When you create a project, you become the Project Administrator.

  • The Project Administrator has full control over the project resources, tools, and settings.

  • The Project Administrator manages access to the project: grants membership to other contributers and configures permissions.

  • A project can be made restricted. A restricted project is only visible to its members assigned by the Project Administrator — all others won't be able to see and access it (except for the System Administrator). That means that you can make the project hidden from other organization members. (Restricted projects are available starting with the Organization plan.)

Each project comes with a number of features which can be configured and used according to your team's needs:

Once you've created a project, you can give others access to it.

Last modified: 03 February 2023