General Development Trends



Which kinds of activities are you involved in?

On which operating systems are your development environments?

Do you contribute to open-source projects?


of respondents have contributed to open-source projects, and 20% do it on a more or less regular basis.

How many developers contribute to open-source projects in different countries?

What kinds of plugins do you use with your IDE or editor?

Cross-platform development

Do you develop cross-platform software?

What platforms do your cross-platform desktop applications target?

Maarten Balliauw

Developer Advocate, JetBrains

Windows is very present in desktop usage, but I expected macOS to have a bigger share. It’s fascinating to see how many folks are targeting Linux.

What platforms do your cross-platform mobile applications target?

How do you usually work with different operating systems or platforms when developing cross-platform desktop applications?

How do you usually work with different operating systems or platforms when developing cross-platform mobile applications?


Which mobile operating systems do you develop for?

The vast majority of developers dealing with mobile development work on Android applications, and more than half are involved in iOS development.

How do you develop for mobile operating systems?

Almost half of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies. You can learn about Kotlin Multiplatform and five other top cross-platform frameworks here.

Which cross-platform mobile frameworks do you use?



of developers follow the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC).

What tools do you use for secure development?

Which integrated solutions do you use to maintain the security of developed software?

Static analysis

How do you maintain code quality in your work?

What are the biggest obstacles to maintaining high-quality code for your project / organization?

Which tools do you use for automated code analysis / static analysis?


The following questions were shown only to those who develop microservices.


of respondents reported that they develop microservices.

What approaches do you use in your system design?

How do the distributed parts of your application communicate?

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