The next question was shown to all respondents. All the other questions were shown only to those respondents who said they work as a Tester / QA Engineer or are involved in testing as part of their job.

What types of tests do you have in your projects?


of those who have unit tests in their projects didn’t write them.


of all respondents say testing plays an integral role in their software development projects.


of respondents involved in testing activities develop automated tests.


of respondents use test case design as part of their testing process.

Which test design techniques do you use?


of respondents report that, in their companies, the same people that design tests also execute them.

Which types of testing are used in your project?


of those who use unit tests also use test coverage metrics.

Which test coverage metrics do you use for unit testing?

What is the ratio of the number of testers / QA Engineers to software developers in your project?

How many testers / QA Engineers in your project have programming skills?

How many testers / QA Engineers do only manual testing in your project?

What tools do you use to store test cases?

Approximately how many of your project tests are automated?

Which test frameworks, tools, and technologies do you use, if any?

Which programming languages do you use for test automation in your project?



Leveraging code and automation to multiply test coverage is becoming essential. So if you’re pondering which languages to learn or brush up on, consider that of the coding languages most used by our survey respondents who identified as testers, JavaScript/TypeScript was the leader, with a 37% share. Rounding out the top three were Python and Java, sitting at 34% and 32%, respectively.

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Which BDD (Behavior-driven development) technologies do you use, if any?


of respondents don’t use any Behavior-driven development technologies.

What is your primary testing target?

Web applications are the most common testing target.

What types of tests do you automate?

Among those who develop automated tests, 52% perform UI tests and 84% perform API tests.

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