These questions were only shown to the respondents who said they work as a Tester / QA Engineer or are involved in testing as part of their jobs.


of all respondents say testing plays an integral role in their development, which is four percentage points more than last year.


of surveyed respondents say they are personally involved in test automation.

What types of tests do you have in your projects?


of those who have unit tests in their projects write them on their own.

How do you perform testing for your product?


of respondents use test case design as part of their testing process.

Which test design techniques do you use?


of respondents report that – in their companies – the same people take part in both test design and test execution.

The usage of performance, regression, and stress testing rose compared to last year, while functional and usability testing was used less often despite still being in the top-5 testing types.

Which types of testing are used in your project?


of those who use unit tests also use test coverage metrics.

Which test coverage metrics do you use for unit testing?

Test / QA Engineers have become more in-demand and highly skilled. The share of projects where there is more than 1 QA per 10 developers increased by four percentage points compared to last year. The same growth is seen among projects where 76-100% of QAs have programming skills. Respectively, the share of those who do only manual testing has declined.

What is the ratio of the number of testers / QA Engineers to software developers in your project?

How many testers / QA Engineers have programming skills in your project?

How many testers / QA Engineers do only manual testing in your project?

What tools do you use to store test cases?

The share of those who use specific tools for test case storage increased by nine percentage points compared to last year. Test automation coverage did not change much compared to last year. The share of projects with at least half of the tests automated is still slightly higher than 50%.

Please provide an estimate of how many of your project tests are automated?

Which test frameworks / tools / technologies do you use?

Which programming languages do you use for test automation in your project?

The top five languages used for test automation didn’t change from last year and still are JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Java, C#, and PHP.

Which BDD (Behavior Driven Development) technologies do you use?


of respondents say they use AI/ML in testing their projects, which is six percentage points more than last year.

Behavior Driven Development is becoming more and more widespread, adding five percentage points since last year. Now, 17% of respondents say they use some BDD technologies.

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