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Which mobile operating systems do you develop for?

The majority of developers dealing with mobile development still work on Android applications. At the same time, more than half of developers are involved in iOS development.

How do you develop for mobile operating systems?

More than half of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies. You can learn about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and five of the best cross-platform frameworks here.

Which cross-platform mobile frameworks do you use?

The most widespread cross-platform mobile frameworks are still Flutter and React Native. However, the share of React Native has dropped since last year, while usage of Ionic and Cordova has risen by about 50%.

How many developers work on your mobile application on both iOS and Android simultaneously (including yourself)?

The size of teams working on mobile applications is slowly growing. The share of small teams consisting of 1–4 people has slightly decreased, while the number of teams with more than 5 people has risen slightly.

Cross-platform development

Do you develop cross-platform software?


of the developers we surveyed are involved in cross-platform software development, which is 8 percentage points less than last year. Interestingly, 18% of those who do cross-platform development create both mobile and desktop applications.

Which platforms do your cross-platform desktop applications target?

Which platforms do your cross-platform mobile applications target?

How do you usually work with different operating systems or platforms when developing cross-platform mobile applications?

How do you usually work with different operating systems or platforms when developing cross-platform desktop applications?

Only 15% of the surveyed mobile cross-platform developers use emulators running on remote machines to work with different systems/platforms, while more than two-thirds prefer locally running emulators or physical machines. Among those who develop cross-platform for desktop, physical machines or devices are the most popular solution.

Static analysis

Do you use static code analysis in your work?

Static analysis is becoming more popular! Compared to 2021, static analysis usage increased by 7 percentage points. 27% of respondents now say their employers have company-wide policies governing static code analysis usage.

Do you have company-wide policies directing the use of static code analysis, or is each team responsible for its own checks?

What tool(s) do you use for static code analysis?

Only one-third of static analysis users put external tools to use, while 67% use IDE / Editor features only. 16% of developers use both IDE / Editor features and external tools.

Interestingly, 54% of those who use IDE / Editor static analysis features customize their analysis settings instead of using the default ones.

How often is static code analysis triggered?

Open source

Do you contribute to open-source projects?

The share of developers contributing to open-source projects didn’t change much from last year. Interestingly, roughly as many respondents work full-time on open-source code as don’t consider contributing to open-source at all, with 4% each.

Writing assistance tools

Do you use any of the writing assistance tools, e.g. to proofread grammar?


of respondents use some form of writing assistance tool, which doesn't differ much compared with last year. More than one-third prefer to use the integrated functionality of their working environment, while Grammarly is the most popular among specialized, standalone tools.



of respondents report they have a secure software development life cycle. 47% of those surveyed say they have colleagues who are responsible for secure development support. Moreover, 6% of respondents say their companies have in-house security champions.

Who supports secure software development in your company / organization?

What integrated solutions do you use to maintain the security of developed software?

Only 15% of those involved in secure software development use specialized security software, while more than one-half rely on IDE/Editor or CI/CD tool functionality.

What tools do you use for secure development?

What IDE or Editor do you use to ensure the security of developed software?

IntelliJ IDEA is the most popular choice among those who use an IDE/Editor for secure development.



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