These questions were shown only to the developers who chose PHP as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which versions of PHP do you regularly use?

The popularity of PHP 8.1, the latest version, is growing quickly, as it is already used by 46% of PHP developers. Despite the end of active support, PHP 7.4 still remains the most widely used version, at 61%.

Which PHP development environments do you regularly use?

Using local development environments remains the most popular among PHP developers. The majority of remote environment users also use local development environments.

How do you usually debug PHP code?

Which PHP frameworks and platforms do you regularly use?

In 2021, there was a substantial increase in the number of PHP developers (specifically ones using Laravel) that we polled. Our personal survey sharing links were posted in some large PHP communities, and tweeted by many Laravel influencers. This resulted in a disproportionately high share of PHP and Laravel developers.

Laravel remains the most used framework in the PHP community. Half of PHP developers stick to using a single framework.

Do you use any libraries or frameworks for asynchronous PHP?

It’s great to see some growth here. Async PHP development is still a niche field, but it likely always will be.

How do you run your PHP applications in production?

The majority of PHP developers run applications on servers or virtual machines.

With its share-nothing nature, PHP has always been ready for the serverless world.

It's nice to see Bref and Laravel Vapor growing with support for AWS Lambda. Seeing native support for PHP in the DigitalOcean Functions brings more competition into the market, which is always good.

Which composer repository do you use?

Which editor or IDE do you use most for PHP development?

Despite all the measures we’ve taken to secure a representative pool of respondents, these results may be slightly skewed towards users of JetBrains products, as they were more likely to take the survey.

Which testing frameworks do you regularly use?

What additional quality tools do you use regularly?

Rector has made it onto the shortlist for the first time! This automatic refactoring and upgrade tool has gained a massive user base that continues to grow.

What template engines do you use?

What tools do you use for profiling or measuring performance?

How would you like for PHP to evolve?

Respondents could pick more than one option.

The survey shows that the community mostly (47%) agrees with the current speed of evolution, weighing the need for more features with the necessity of a stable language. This is further illustrated by the fact that respondents who expressed their view to want more new features, but fewer BC breaks (30%) nearly equals the group who wants more features, despite of BC breaks (27%).

Derick Rethans

Creator of Xdebug, and PHP foundation member

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