The PHP questions were only shown to the developers who chose PHP as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which version of PHP do you regularly use?

A lot of developers have migrated from PHP 5.x versions to the newer 7.x ones. In a year, the share of PHP 5 has plummeted from 29% to only 14%.

Which frameworks or CMSs do you regularly use?

WordPress has dropped from 32% in 2018 to 26% in 2019, while Laravel has consolidated its dominant position.

Which editor / IDE do you use the most?

The usage of containerized environments by PHP developers is growing steadily by 12% per year – from 18% in 2017, to 30% in 2018, to 42% in 2019.

Like a year ago, every other PHP developer uses Xdebug.

Which testing frameworks do you regularly use?

What quality tools do you use regularly?

What template engines do you use?

Most PHP developers don't use anything for profiling or measuring performance. Those who do typically use the Xdebug Profiler or non-specific tools for HTTP load measurement. Other PHP-specific tools (such as, APM solutions, and XHProf) are used by less than 10% of PHP developers.