The JavaScript questions were shown to the developers who chose JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, or Dart as their first language out of three primary programming languages.

What JavaScript frameworks do you regularly use?

The popularity of Vue.js is growing year on year: it’s quickly gaining points and getting closer and closer to React.

What editor / IDE do you use the most?

44% of JavaScript developers use TypeScript regularly. In total, a quarter of all developers are using it in 2019, compared to 17% from last year.

This question was only answered by respondents who either write or use unit tests.

Which unit-testing frameworks / tools do you regularly use?

Jest is showing fast growth and now leading the pack.

What module loaders do you regularly use?

Webpack is used by the majority of developers working with JavaScript.

What style sheet languages and approaches do you regularly use?

23% of JavaScript developers use GraphQL.