The Ruby questions were only shown to the developers who chose Ruby as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which version of Ruby do you use the most?

Developers tend to use the two or three most recent versions of Ruby, and 30% reported that they’re not about to switch.

Which tools do you use to manage different versions of Ruby?

Almost everyone uses Rbenv or RVM to manage their Rubies. Together these two managers are used by 94% of users. Outside of that, one in five Ruby developers uses Docker.

Which gem management tools do you regularly use?

Bundler remains the most used gem management tool. Just like in 2018, half of Ruby developers have never authored a gem.

What web development tools and / or frameworks do you regularly use?

Which version of Rails do you use?

No surprises here: the latest version has the largest share. 60% of Rails developers plan to migrate to Rails 6, and 8% want to adopt Rails Edge.

Which servers do you regularly use in production?

What editors / IDE do you use the most?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

RSpec remains the most used unit-testing framework.