The Rust questions were shown to the developers who chose Rust as one of their languages.

97% of respondents said they have been using Rust for less than a year. With only 14% using it for work, it’s much more popular as a language for personal / side projects.

More than 90% of respondents who chose Rust as one of their primary languages work with codebases of fewer than 300 files.

What kind of projects do you develop in Rust?

What Rust versions do you use?

Which languages do you use in projects along with Rust?

Although two-thirds of Rust devs use Python, only 12% claim that they use both languages together on the same project, which means that most use Rust independently.

What operating system is your primary Rust development environment?

73% of Rust devs use a Unix / Linux development environment, though Linux is not a primary environment for most of them.

What platform do you target with your Rust projects?

Windows and Unix/Linux users mainly target the same OS they use, but the same is not true for macOS users. 75% of primary macOS, surprisingly, target Unix/Linux, while 61% target macOS.

WebAssembly is quite a new technology that has earned an impressive adoption rate of 36% among Rust developers. Embedded platform also has quite a big share at 14%.

What IDE / editors do you primarily use when writing Rust code?

To build their Rust apps, developers seem unanimous in using Cargo.

4 out of 5 Rust developers use testing frameworks, and all of them use testing support built into the language. The other 20% don’t use any testing frameworks.

What profiling tools do you use for Rust?

Coverage tools are not very popular in general, and Rust is no exception. Most developers (87%) don't use them, while some others use codecov (12%) and very few use gcov (1%).