The Go questions were only shown to the developers who chose Go as one of their three primary programming languages.

Although Go is a young language, its audience is rather mature. More than half of its users use it for work.

Most people use a single global GOPATH. Even the two thirds who edit multiple projects at the same time still don’t tend to use a GOPATH per project.

Which package managers do you use regularly?

Go Modules has appeared just recently, but 40% of Go developers already use it and 17% want to migrate to it.

Which Go web frameworks do you use regularly?

The usage of Gin has grown by 9 percentage points, to 30%.

Which Go Router do you use regularly?

Go-chi / chi router has picked up 4 percentage points and is now at 13%.
Only 47 percent of Go developers use template engines.

Which testing frameworks do you use regularly?

Two thirds of Go devs are using built-in testing.