The Kotlin questions were only shown to the developers who chose Kotlin as one of their three primary programming languages.

What do you target with Kotlin?

Kotlin/Native was released just recently and is already being used by 8% of developers. Learn more

Kotlin for JVM

Which JDK versions do you target with Kotlin?

Even after the appearance of JDK 11, the share of JDK 8 continues to grow.

Kotlin for Android

Which Android versions do you target with Kotlin?

Kotlin for JavaScript

Do you target the server side or client side?


Which platforms do you target?

Kotlin/Native allows you to write cross-platform code. Opening the way to IoT for Kotlin developers.

Which types of apps do you develop in Kotlin?

For how long have you been using Kotlin?

Kotlin is used mainly for new projects (96%), and only 38% use it for pre-existing projects.

For what purposes do you use Kotlin?

More than a third of developers are migrating their existing projects to Kotlin.

What other programming languages do Kotlin developers regularly use?

Almost all Kotlin developers (92%) were using Java before they started using Kotlin. Most of them (86% of all Kotlin users) still continue to use Java.

To learn more about the state of the Kotlin language, check out our official Kotlin Census Report.