Which versions of Scala do you regularly use?

The JVM is clearly the top Scala compilation target, used by 94%. Scala.js is the compilation target for 8% of Scala devs, and for 7% scala-native.

Which versions of Java do you regularly use?

More than a quarter of Scala devs already use Java 11, the latest LTS version.

Java 7 usage among Scala devs has dropped from 10% last year to less than 0.5%.

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

Whitebox macros’ usage is up to 10%. Still, almost 60% of respondents don't use macros or don't know about them.

Which frameworks / libraries do you regularly use for web-development?

Which frameworks / libraries do you regularly use?

Scalaz and Cats, two competing libraries for functional programming in Scala, are neck and neck with 12% and 13%, respectively.

What editors / IDEs do you use for Scala the most?

71% of Scala devs work on the web-backend for a living, while 42% get paid to do Data analysis.

Which build systems do you regularly use?

A lot of people have migrated to sbt 1.0, as its share is up to 81% from 42% for the year before.

Interesting fact: 58% of Scala developers regularly attend local meetups.