Team Tools


Which of the following tools do you regularly use?

Which of the following kinds of tools have you or your team adopted in the past 12 months?


of teams adopted a new issue tracking tool last year.


started using a team collaboration and project management tool.

85,000 teams use YouTrack to track their tasks, manage projects, keep a knowledge base, use Gantt charts and timesheets, and build reports and dashboards, all in one tool.

Which of the following communication tools do you regularly use for work?

As more team members have to collaborate remotely or in a new hybrid reality, the top of the chart is dominated by video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

According to the respondents, voice/phone calling while screen-sharing is the most popular way to discuss a piece of code with someone.

Which Continuous Integration (CI) systems do you regularly use?

GitHub Actions remains the most common choice for personal use, while companies tend to prefer Jenkins.

Which of the following tools do you use in your company / organization for ...?

Which Version Control Systems do you regularly use?

Which version control services do you regularly use?

What kinds of tools do you use?

The use of issue trackers and team collaboration tools is on the rise and is one of the essential parameters for keeping teams running. Large teams are more likely to use the paid versions of these tools, while smaller teams are more likely to use the free versions.

YouTrack is a flexible task management and project management tool designed for enterprise teams, but it is also loved by small teams of up to 10 members who can use it for free.

Does your company allow the purchase of consumable cloud tool resources if they run out?

Do you use any of the following tools in the cloud?

The move toward using continuous integration and continuous delivery tools in the cloud is in full swing.

What type of installation does your primary CI/CD tool have?

Where do you keep your source code?

How do you prefer to work with a version control system (Git, SVN, etc.)?

Do you use pull or merge requests in your company / organization workflow?

Which of the following tools do you use mobile apps for?

There is a declining trend in mobile app usage for email and instant messaging, with both positions down 20% since 2020. This may be due to hybrid work, where people are mainly using their home computers for work and can use them to check work emails and messages at any time, thus using mobiles less.

Do you use any dashboards or reporting solutions at work?

What tools do you use in your company / organization for artifact / package management?

Which tools do you use in your company / organization for code review?

JetBrains Space supports the code review process in its web interface, in your IDE, and on mobile. You and your fellow developers can create code reviews and merge requests, add single-line and multiline comments, suggest edits, and set up quality gates and safe merges to make sure that a merge commit doesn’t result in failed builds.

Which company-wide calendar solution do you use?

Which calendar applications do you use most frequently?

What instant messengers / chat tools do you use at work?

One-third of respondents mentioned that meetings and work-related chats take up 10%–20% of their working time. For another 27% respondents, this figure is even higher, 21%–30%.

Which tools do you use for video calls / video conferences in your company / organization?

More teams are using Microsoft Teams both for messaging and for video calls. In 2022, Microsoft Teams overtook Zoom to become the most popular video calling tool, which speaks to the importance of quickly adapting products to changes and introducing features, and the importance of the ecosystem in which the products exist.

Do you enable the camera during video calls?

What is the average number of participants in your regular meetings?

What tools do you use in your company / organization for knowledge sharing and document collaboration?

Is your company / organization tied to any tooling stack / platform?


Automate CI/CD pipelines of any complexity and scale, get notified of build problems in real time, and easily find commits that cause test failures.

Just as your IDE gives you more coding powers, TeamCity does the same for continuous integration. It integrates with your building and testing tools, visualizes your DevOps pipelines in detail, and helps you be more productive – right from day one.


Track projects and tasks, use agile boards, plan sprints and releases, keep a knowledge base, track progress with timesheets and Gantt charts, work with reports and dashboards, and create workflows that follow your business processes.

YouTrack can handle anything, from personal tasks to company-wide portfolios of projects, with ease and elegance.


JetBrains Space is a complete software development platform with everything your team needs to build and deliver great products, from Git hosting, code reviews, CI/CD, packages, and remote dev environments to issues, boards, documents, and chats – all in one place and integrated with JetBrains IDEs. All Space modules are seamlessly integrated, creating perfect synergy throughout the system.

Space is an extensible platform – you can create your own applications or use the ones available on Space Marketplace to extend and customize it to your needs. Available in the cloud or on-premises, with plans ranging from Free to Enterprise, Space can be used from the browser, a desktop app, or a mobile app.

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