These questions were only shown to the developers who chose Scala as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which versions of Scala do you regularly use?

A year ago, a new major version of Scala – Scala 3 – saw the light of day. Since then, migration from Scala 2 has been going at a slow but steady pace. This year, Scala 3 is used by 28% of users compared to 10% a year ago. Scala 2.13 remains the most popular version (56%), while usage of older versions of Scala is on the decline.

What are your compilation targets?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

Which frameworks / libraries do you regularly use for web-development?

Which frameworks / libraries do you regularly use?

What editors / IDEs do you use most for Scala?

Despite all the measures we’ve taken to secure a representative pool of respondents, the results may be slightly shifted towards users of JetBrains products, as they are more likely to take the survey.

Which build systems do you regularly use?

Which interactive Scala environments do you regularly use?

Which compiler plugins do you regularly use for Scala?

What other tools do you use for Scala?

What types of software do you develop with Scala?

On average, Scala developers are slightly older and have a few more years of experience than the average developer. They are involved in a more diverse set of activities including code reviewing, system design, testing, infrastructure development, and working with data.

Could you tell us your age range?

How many years of professional coding experience do you have?

In which kinds of activities are you involved?

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