DevOps and Cloud


These questions were only shown to respondents who had indicated “DevOps Engineer / Infrastructure Developer” as one of their job roles, and to 1/5 of all other respondents taking the survey, chosen randomly.

To what degree are you personally involved in infrastructure development (DevOps)?

The question was answered by all survey respondents.

During development, where do you run your backing services?

Backing services are third-party applications your code connects to, e.g. a database, a queue broker, or a mail server.

During development, where do you run and debug your code?

How many separately-running components does your application have, excluding backing services?

These are components you develop or are developed by others at your company.

How many separately-running backing services (those you don’t develop, like MySQL, Redis, CloudFront) does your application have?

What configuration management tools do you / your organization use?

What server templating tools do you / your organization regularly use?

Vagrant has no operating system limitations. Therefore people who use alternative operating systems, such as BSD, choose it more often.

Vagrant is more prevalent among PHP developers and has a higher share in Japan.

Packer is often a choice of DevOps specialists and people who develop IT Infrastructure, or software for server or cloud.

What infrastructure provisioning tools do you / your organization use?

How do you use containers?

What container orchestration services do you use in production?

How familiar are you with Docker Compose?

How familiar are you with Docker?

How familiar are you with Kubernetes?

Does your company provide you with credentials for any of the following?


of both AWS and Azure cloud users are provided with credentials by their companies. For Google Cloud Platform users this number is a bit less at 64%. And among Kubernetes users only 52% have credentials.

Which level of access do you have to ...?

How do you run your containerized application during development?

Where do you keep your artifacts?

The preferred way to keep artifacts often depends on the technology stack. That’s why npm is more popular among web developers, while among NuGet users, 88% use C#. One out of every two JFrog Artifactory users considers Java as a main language.


Where do you host your databases and / or services and / or applications that you or your company develop?

Hosting on private servers has decreased this year. Before 2020 it was the leading approach to hosting, and since then has been showing a downward trend.

Where do you primarily host?

Private servers are somewhat more often used by developers who work in financial and medical industries. Companies that are involved in education / training are somewhat more likely to host locally.

Which cloud services do you use?

This year Microsoft Azure overtook Google Cloud Platform as the second most popular cloud service.

Based on our data, DigitalOcean has significantly decreased its share in 2022 compared to 2021, because it is widely used for website development. In 2021, we had a disproportionately high number of PHP developers who filled out the survey.

Which cloud service do you use the most?


of developers who responded said they use multiple cloud services.

Which cloud service do you use the most?

By country or region

DevOps and Cloud:


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