The following questions were only shown to the respondents who develop microservices.

Do you develop microservices?

This question was shown to a general survey audience and was used as a qualification question to the Microservices section.


of all respondents develop microservices, which is just two percentage points higher in comparison to 2021.

What approaches do you use in your system design?

There is a significant decrease in the usage of “Monolith with web frontend” approach, down from 25% in 2021 to 19% in 2022.

How do the distributed parts of your application communicate?

REST / RPC over HTTP, Message queue, and WebSocket remain the most popular ways to communicate between the distributed parts of applications. We can observe a growth in WebSocket and Cross-platform RPC usage, which showed an increase of 4 and 5 percentage points, respectively, compared to 2021.

When you implement new web-service APIs, do you start from the code or the specification?

40% of respondents claimed they start from the specification when implementing new web-service APIs. This is 4 percentage points less than the previous year. We see that a growing share of respondents (42%) choose an appropriate approach, depending on the particular project or task at hand.

How do you declare and document your APIs?

The popularity of OpenAPI has been growing since last year. 69% of respondents stated they use OpenAPI to declare and document their APIs. This is 5 percentage points higher compared to the 2021 results. At the same time, the usage of Wiki systems has decreased from 24% in 2021 to 20% in 2022.

Where do you store API specifications?

How do you organize version control for services?

This year, we see an increase of Multiple VCS repositories’ usage from 53% in 2021 to 60% in 2022.

Which languages do you use to develop microservices?

Java remains the most popular language for developing microservices. It is used by 34% of respondents.



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