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These questions were only shown to the respondents who are involved in technical writing.

12% of the survey respondents said they were involved in technical writing, though only 9% have technical writing as their official job role.

When asked about their job roles, respondents were able to select more than one option.

What type of documentation do you write?

Compared to last year we see a 5-percentage-point increase in the number of developers who author customer-facing documentation.

What tools do you use to author documentation?

The docs-as-code approach is growing in popularity, as more people use developer tools for authoring documentation – 6 percentage points more than in 2021, to be exact.

Which markup language do you use to write technical documentation?

Markdown is still the most popular markup language, and 13% of those involved in technical writing use custom Markdown flavors to enrich its base functionality.

Do you reuse content between different documents / guides?

Even though 80% of respondents need to reuse content, more than one-third still copy and paste similar content manually.


of those who write docs automate documentation checks, with broken markup, external links, and code samples being the most popular tests used. Interestingly, 10% also automate language checks.


need to document APIs and 61% auto-generate API documentation, opting to use Swagger most of the time.


automate routine work by configuring templates, mostly automating different types of topics, documents, and repeated content.

What kind of things do you configure templates for?


of those who use templates create parameterized ones.

What is the primary language that you write documentation in?

English is by far the most popular primary language for tech documentation. Chinese comes a distant second.


of technical writers have considered using a professional tool for technical writing.

Have you considered using a professional tool for technical writing?

13% of all respondents involved in tech writing already localize their documentation into other languages, and 10% are planning to do so.


Are you among the 68% who are considering a professional tool for authoring documentation?

Join the Early Access Program to try out a new tool for writing tech docs, that:

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  • Supports Markdown, semantic markup, and the combination of both.
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  • Supports reusing content with conditions and variables.
  • Has built-in templates for various content types and complex markup elements.
Tech Writing:


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