For this section we choose those who checked “Hardware” or “Home automation” in the question “What types of software do you develop?”

Top 15 languages by shares of Embedded Development

Which C standard do you regularly use?

Which C++ standards do you regularly use?

C++ developers tend to adopt the newest language standards more actively, while C developers are more conservative and stick to older ones.

Ilia Motornyi

CLion Developer, Embedded development hobbyist

Which IDE / editor do you use the most?

If you are interested in trying CLion for embedded development, check out this overview article and setup instructions.

Which IDE or editor do you use the most for Python development?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

More and more developers write tests, though many C developers don't use test frameworks. There likely are no decent ones yet.

Ilia Motornyi

CLion Developer, Embedded development hobbyist

Which project models or build systems do you regularly use?

CMake is very popular among embedded developers and MCU vendors. The Zephyr project, ESP IDF, and nRF SDK have been migrated to CMake.

Ilia Motornyi

CLion Developer, Embedded development hobbyist

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