Developer profile

What is your employment status?

About two-thirds of respondents are fully employed by a company / organization.

Which of the following best describes your job role?

Developers often perform other job roles as well. Besides Developer / Programmer / Software Engineer, the top 3 roles selected by respondents were Team Lead, Architect, and DevOps Engineer / Infrastructure Developer.

Which of the following best describes the level of your current position?

How many years of professional coding experience do you have?

Which of the following best describes the level of your current position?

How much experience does it take to go from a junior to a middle position, or from a middle to a senior one? Much depends on the specific company, tasks, and situation, but the table above shows the general trends.

Which of the following best describes the highest level of formal education that you’ve completed?

Could you tell us your age range?

What is your country or region?


How many people work for your company / organization?

About two-thirds of respondents work at companies with 500 or fewer employees.

How many people write code at your company (approximately)?

Is IT your company’s core business?

In which of the following sectors is your company primarily active?

IT sector

In which of the following sectors is your company primarily active?

Non-IT sector

What kind of development does your company do?

Do you advocate for development tools you like within your organization / with your colleagues?

What level of influence do you personally have over new technology purchases in your organization?

66% of respondents have either some or great influence over their companies' new technology purchases. Respondents with job roles such as CIO / CEO / CTO, PM / PMM, Architect, Team Lead, UX / UI Designer, DBA, and Developer Advocate most frequently noted that they have great influence over new technology purchases.

When choosing a new development tool, how do you discover and research available solutions?

While starting with a trial was by far the most popular way to learn about a product before purchasing it (79%), the share of respondents who research the companies that email them or advertise on the sites they visit has increased since last year.

How does your company make decisions about purchasing development tools?

How many people are in your project team?

Most respondents work on projects in small teams of 2–7 people.

What agile software development framework do you use in your team?

Is the process of making technical decisions in your team more top-down or bottom-up?

How is your team distributed?




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