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What is your employment status?

Which of the following best describes your job role regardless of the level of your position?

Which of the following best describes the level of your current position?

How many years of professional coding experience do you have?

Which of the following best describes the highest level of formal education that you’ve completed?

Could you tell us your age range?

What is your country or region?

The survey data is weighted based on our estimations of the populations of professional developers in each country. This year we have extended the geographical coverage of the survey from 18 countries to the whole world. Find out more about how we weighted the results in the Methodology section.



How many people work for your company / organization?

How many people write code at your company (approximately)?

Most of the respondents work in companies where developers are in the minority. The companies where more than 80% employees write code are mostly companies with fewer than 50 people.

Is IT your company’s core business?

In which of the following sectors is your company primarily active?

IT sector

In which of the following sectors is your company primarily active?

Non-IT sector

What kind of development does your company do?

How many people are in your project team?

What agile software development framework do you use in your team, if any?

Teams distributed across several countries use Scrum at rates that are twice as high (51%) as those of teams who work in one physical location (25%).

How is your team distributed?

This year there has been a notable increase in the number of distributed teams, along with a drop in the number of teams working in one physical location. In particular, the option “within the country” has gained 10 percentage points, after staying relatively stable over the previous 4 years.

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