Questions in this section were shown to the developers who identified Rust as one of the languages they use.


How do you use Rust?

Rust remains a language that is primarily used for hobbies (67%) or personal / side projects (64%). The share of Rust developers using it for work is only 16%.

How long have you been using Rust?

80% of Rust developers are new users of the language with 1 year of experience or less.

Which programming languages do you use in your projects along with Rust?

JavaScript / TypeScript remains the most popular language used along with Rust (21%). Python has added 4 percentage points since last year and has moved from fourth to second position (18%) of languages used with Rust.

How does Rust code interact with the other parts

What IDE / editor do you primarily use for Rust development?

Visual Studio Code remains the IDE most commonly used for Rust development (40%), followed by CLion (24%) and IntelliJ IDEA (19%).

How do you usually debug your Rust code?

How do you usually debug your Rust code?


What profiling tools do you use for Rust?


What profiling tools do you use for Rust?


What kind of projects do you develop in Rust?

Rust is mostly used for such project types as CLI Tools (49%), Systems Programming (38%), and Web Development (33%).

What platform do you target with your Rust projects?

How many developers work on your Rust codebase?

How many years of professional coding experience do you have?

Rust developers are generally more experienced and are more likely to have senior positions than other developers.

Which of the following best describes the level of your current position?

Do you contribute to open source projects?

Compared with other developers, a larger share of Rust developers contributes to open source projects.

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