These questions were shown only to the developers who chose C as one of their three primary programming languages.


Which C standard do you regularly use?

Which IDE / editor do you use the most for C development?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use, if any?

The percentage of the developers who don’t write unit tests for C remains the same as last year. It’s still nearly half.

Which project models or build systems do you regularly use, if any?

Makefile’s share has grown significantly since last year. CLion’s support for Makefile has also improved a lot over the last year. For example, it became available in remote mode and run/debug configurations can now be created automatically from the top-level Makefile targets.

What dependency managers do you use in your projects?

The share of C developers relying on the system package manager is growing. This trend is the complete opposite of what's happening in the C++ ecosystem.

Which compilers do you regularly use?

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