These questions were only shown to respondents who chose Go as one of their three primary programming languages.


How do you use Go?

On average, Go developers have more RAM on their working machines than other developers. And 91% use an SSD disk for work, while only 79% of other developers do.

Do you use multiple versions of Go at the same time?

Do you have a single global GOPATH or use one GOPATH per project?

Do you edit multiple Go projects at the same time?

Which template engine do you use for Go development?

Go developers prefer to eat at cafes and restaurants and order delivery more than other developers do, and they are less inclined to cook for themselves.

Which package managers do you use regularly?

The usage of Go modules is increasing. 86% of this year’s Go developers use it, while just 2 years ago only 41% did.

Meanwhile, the popularity of other package managers, such as dep, govendor, and glide, has decreased. Dep, which held second place last year, experienced the biggest drop, falling from 12% to 5%.

Which IDE / editor do you mostly use for Go development?

Despite all the measures we’ve taken to secure a representative pool of respondents, the results may be slightly shifted towards users of JetBrains products, as they are more likely to take the survey.

Which cloud services are popular among Go developers?

Even though AWS is the most popular choice (67%), its share is the same as for developers who work with other languages.

Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) exhibited the greatest divergence between its usage among Go developers and among the total respondent pool. Its share was 20% among Go users but only 12% among the general developer population.

What types of software do you develop with Go?

Go developers are involved in DevOps activities at much higher rates than developers using other languages. For example, 86% use server templating tools, and 84% use Docker, which is true only for 65% of other developers.

The picture for Kubernetes is similar (66% vs 37%), as were the results for other container orchestration services (82% vs 56%).

Do you plan to migrate to another package manager in the next 12 months?

Go developers are nearly twice as likely to use GraphQL as developers in general (15% vs 8%), and Rust was almost 3 times as likely to be selected (16% vs 6%).

Which Go web frameworks do you use regularly?

What kind of Go modules proxy do you use?

Do you use vendoring in your project?

Which Go router do you use regularly, if any?

Which testing frameworks do you use regularly, if any?

How many external dependencies do you have in your projects?

What is the size of the codebase you are working with in the IDE / editor?

Do you put your Go modules project inside or outside the GOPATH?

Do you plan to migrate your projects to Go modules in the next 12 months?

Which build systems do you regularly use, if any?

Go build is still the most popular build system, although its share has decreased since last year, from 97% to 85%. Makefile secured second place with a share of 37%.

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