These questions were only shown to the respondents who said they work as a Tester / QA Engineer or are involved in testing as part of their jobs.



of all respondents say testing plays an integral role in their development.


of all respondents are involved in the testing process.

What types of tests do you have in your projects?

This question was shown to all respondents.

How do you do unit testing in your projects?

This question was shown to all respondents who have unit tests in their projects.

Which test coverage metrics do you use for unit testing?


of respondents say that in their companies they have different people in charge of test design and test execution.


of respondents use test case design as part of their testing process.

Which types of testing are used in your project?

Interesting fact

Only 13% of respondents say they use external help from assessors and outsourced contractors for product testing.

What is the ratio of the number of testers / QA Engineers to software developers in your project?

It seems there is a shortage of QA engineers in companies – 44% of respondents say they have fewer than 1 QA engineer per 10 developers in their projects. Only 10% have more than 4 QA engineers per 10 developers.

How many testers / QA Engineers have programming skills in your project?

In 29% of the projects over half of the QA Engineers do only manual testing, while in 27% of the projects over half of the testers have programming skills.

How many testers / QA Engineers do only manual testing in your project?

What tools do you use to store test cases?

About 41% of testers and QA Engineers don’t use any specific tools to store test cases, and only 20% use special test case management tools.

Please provide an estimate of how many of your project tests are automated.

47% of the respondents have automated half or more of their tests. Like last year, the most popular technologies are JUnit (34%), Postman (29%), Jest (23%), and Selenium WebDriver (20%). JavaScript, Java, and Python are still the top 3 languages for test automation.

Which test frameworks / tools / technologies do you use, if any?

Which programming languages do you use for test automation in your project?

Which BDD (Behavior Driven Development) technologies do you use, if any?

Interesting fact

12% of respondents use Behavior Driven Development technologies in their testing process, and 8% use AI / ML. Among this group, AI / ML is mostly used for system logs and user behavior data analysis.

Do you use AI / ML in the testing of your product?

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