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Cross-platform development

For which target platforms do you develop cross-platform software?

43% of developers who took part in the survey are involved in cross-platform software development.

The distribution of target platforms hasn’t changed much over the last few years. Web, Windows, and Linux are still the most popular platforms for cross-platform development. As for mobile platforms, Android and iOS are pretty much even, with Android just 7 percentage points higher than iOS.

How do you usually work with different operating systems / platforms?

Static analysis

Do you use static analysis?

The number of developers who use static analysis hasn’t substantially changed since last year. The share of respondents who use it is still only 38%.

Writing assistance tools

Do you use any of the writing assistance tools, e.g. to proofread grammar?

56% of respondents use some form of writing assistance tool. The most common choices are Grammarly or the integrated functionality in their working environment.

Open source

Do you contribute to open-source projects?

Only 4% of respondents say they would not like to contribute to open-source projects. Slightly less than a half had not contributed to open-source projects yet, but would like to give it a try.

Pair programming

Do you practice pair programming?

The share of respondents who practice remote pair programming increased by 14 percentage points from last year. Unsurprisingly, video calls with screen sharing have become even more popular, recording a share increase of 10 percentage points.

What tools do you use for remote pair programming?

What editor / IDE do you use for collaborative development?

You can collaborate on remote projects with your colleagues in real time while making use of the full power of JetBrains IDEs. Code With Me has made pair programming a breeze for dispersed software development teams. See it in action!

Mobile questions were only shown to respondents who develop for mobile platforms.


For which mobile operating systems do you develop?

How do you develop for mobile operating systems?

Which cross-platform mobile frameworks do you use?

The popularity of Flutter continues to grow. This year it has surpassed React Native to become the most popular cross-platform mobile framework. In 2019, it had a 30% share, and it now leads with a share of 42%.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile has maintained a consistent 2% share since its launch in September 2020.

Which of the following components do you use in the mobile app you currently develop?

This question was only shown to respondents who are currently developing mobile apps.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile lets you share code between iOS and Android while keeping the UI native. Learn how you can make your Android app work on iOS with KMM or develop a cross-platform app from scratch.

How important is it for you that your mobile app’s UI has a native appearance?

Most developers prefer to keep the app's UI native, with 40% of respondents saying that it is very important that a mobile app’s UI has a native appearance.

See how you can keep it native with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and save yourself time and effort by writing the business logic for your iOS and Android apps just once, in pure Kotlin, while keeping your UI native.

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How much RAM do you have on the computer you use most often?

Respondents with the following job roles were the most likely to have a lot of RAM on their computers: DevOps Engineer / Infrastructure Developer, Architect and Data Analyst / Data Engineer/ Data Scientist. Additionally, team leads and CEOs tend to use more powerful computers.

What disc type do you use most often for your work?

How old is the computer you use most often?

How many physical CPU cores do you have on the computer you use most often?

What type of GPU do you have on the computer you use most often?

How many monitors do you use for your work?

What display scaling do you have on the computer you use most often?

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