Team Tools

Which of the following tools do you regularly use?

The use of CI / CD tools is most widespread among DevOps engineers, architects, team leads, and developer advocates.

Which of the following kinds of tools have you / your team adopted in the past 12 months?

There is a huge variety of team collaboration tools available, and each one is suited to different needs. Choosing the right tool for your team can be overwhelming. That's why we've put together the Best Collaboration Tools in 2021 blog post, which is based on the DevEco survey results and examines the various collaboration tools software professionals are using today.

Which of the following communication tools do you regularly use for work?

There has been significant growth in the use of video conferencing tools, obviously caused by the pandemic and the increase in distance work. Currently, 66% of the respondents use video conferencing tools, while last year only 43% did. The usage rates of other communication channels didn’t change much.

For which of the following tools do you use mobile apps, if any?

What kinds of tools do you use?

Which Continuous Integration (CI) systems do you regularly use?

While Jenkins is the most popular CI system for company usage, GitHub Actions is the most frequent choice for personal use.

Which Version Control Services do you regularly use, if any?

The vast majority of developers (91%) use GitHub for version control.

Which of the following tools do you use in your company/organization for...

Which of the following tools do you use for your personal use for...

Do you use any of the following tools in the cloud?

There is a clear trend in tools introducing cloud solutions. The usage of cloud versions has doubled since 2018. Today, half of the continuous integration tool users run those tools in the cloud. Cloud usage is also on an upward trend for other tools, such as issue trackers and continuous delivery solutions.

In 2021 JetBrains introduced TeamCity Cloud, a managed CI/CD service designed for teams that don’t want to deal with maintaining and scaling their own infrastructure. It makes collaborative development easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Which Version Control systems do you regularly use, if any?

Where do you keep your source code?

How do you prefer to work with a version control system (Git, SVN, etc.)

Do you use pull/merge requests in your company / organization workflow?

Which tools do you use in your company / organization for Artifact / Repository Management?

Which tools do you use in your company / organization for Code Review?

What calendar software do you use in your company / organization?

Which corporate mail services / tools do you use in your company / organization?

Which instant messengers / chat tools do you use at work?

It seems a large number of Skype users have switched to Microsoft Teams as their tool for instant messaging / chat functionality.

Which tools do you use for video calls / video conferences in your company / organization?

We asked about WeChat, Cisco Webex, and Discord for the first time in 2021 and therefore cannot compare the results with the 2020.

There have been dramatic changes in the video call / video conferencing tool market. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet have become significantly more popular, while Skype has lost a large portion of its users.

Which tools do you use in your company / organization for Knowledge Sharing?

The average developer uses about 6-8 different tools to collaborate with their team.

Making an effort to reduce the number of different tools teams have to switch between, YouTrack, a project management and issue tracking tool from JetBrains, has introduced the Knowledge Base feature. It helps you organize product documentation and personal notes along with issues and projects.

What file sharing tools or services do you use in your company / organization?

The use of on-premises FTP servers has decreased in comparison to 2020, yet other cloud based tools have gained users. Among the options provided for “Other”, quite a significant number of respondents mentioned custom solutions.

What document collaboration platforms do you use in your company / organization?

Do you use any dashboards or reporting solutions at work?

Is your company / organization tied to any tooling stack / platform?

Teams tend to use a set of tools provided by one vendor. For example, there is a correlation among the various Atlassian tools – developers tend to use Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence together. We can also see a correlation in .Net development between the usage rates of the Microsoft tooling stack.

This tendency is not surprising, as using tools from one vendor is more convenient in terms of managing licenses and support. Additionally, tools from the same vendor are usually better integrated with each other.

We at JetBrains decided to go beyond the development of individual tools with powerful integration. We’ve created a single platform, Space, for the entire development pipeline and communication process. Space is a unified platform that combines all the tools you need for the entire software development pipeline, and offers integration with our IDEs.

It combines Git hosting, code reviews, automation, CI/CD, packages, issues and documents, chats, and calendars – all in one place and all integrated out of the box.

Using a single platform, you can eliminate handoffs between integrations, reduce cycle time, and deliver quality software that meets mission demands.

Track projects and tasks, use agile boards, plan sprints and releases, keep a knowledge base, work with reports and dashboards, and create workflows that follow your business processes.

YouTrack can handle anything, from personal tasks to company-wide portfolios of projects, with ease and elegance.

Automate CI/CD pipelines of any complexity and scale, get notified of build problems in real time, and easily find commits that cause test failures.

Just as your IDE gives you more coding powers, TeamCity does the same for continuous integration. It integrates with your building and testing tools, visualizes your DevOps pipelines in detail, and helps you be more productive – right from day one.

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