These questions were only shown to the respondents who are involved in technical writing.

Technical Documentation

12% of all the survey respondents are involved in technical writing, though only 14% of this group identified technical writing as their official job role. Unsurprisingly, people who are officially technical writers are more likely to produce customer-facing documentation than other respondents.

When asked about their job roles, respondents were able to select more than one option.

What type of documentation do you write?

What tools do you use to author documentation?

Free customizable text editors are used by a large share of people involved in writing documentation, while only 2% of all respondents currently use professional authoring assistance software.

Have you considered using a professional tool for technical writing?

63% of those involved in technical writing have considered using a professional tool for authoring documentation. JetBrains will in fact be launching the first public EAP of a professional authoring and publishing system in fall of 2021. Want to be the first to try it? Register now!

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