These questions were only shown to the respondents who develop microservices.


Primary languages among microservices developers


of all respondents develop microservices.

The 3 most popular languages for microservices development are Java (41%), JavaScript (37%), and Python (25%).

“We expect that more companies will use microservices in their projects in the future. So it’s highly likely that in the next several years we will see a growth in the shares of those who develop microservices”

Yuriy Artamonov, Software Developer at JetBrains

Coding experience of microservices developers


of microservices developers have more than 6 years of professional coding experience, while among other types of developers this number is only about 36%

Developers who work with microservices typically have more coding experience than those who don’t.

What approaches do you use in your system design?

How do the distributed parts of your application communicate?

The 3 most popular ways to communicate between distributed parts of applications haven’t changed since last year. They still are REST, Message Queue, and WebSocket.

When you implement new web-service APIs, do you start from the code or the specification?

Just less than a half of the Developer Ecosystem Survey participants prefer to start from the specification when implementing new web-service APIs. A “code first” approach is used only by 16% of the developers surveyed.

How do you declare and document your APIs?

The popular methods for declaring and documenting APIs haven’t changed much. Using Open API is still the most popular, and it increased by 6 percentage points this year, strengthening its leadership position.

Where do you store API specifications?

How do you organize version control for services?

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