This section includes responses from those who reported that they develop hardware or home automation solutions.

Languages used in embedded development

This chart includes the languages used by those who selected “Hardware” or “Home Automation solutions” in response to the question “What types of software do you develop with your main languages?”

Which C standard(s) do you regularly use?

Which C++ standard(s) do you regularly use?

Inbal Levi

Lead Software Engineer at MPGC Services Ltd (Millennium)

It’s great to see such a significant proportion of embedded developers working with C++20 already. This version extends compile-time abilities, which is very beneficial for industries with a lot of emphasis on runtime performance. I hope to see similar adoption rates for C++23 in the upcoming years.

Which IDE / editor do you use the most?

Do you develop in C or C++?

CLion is a powerful cross-platform IDE used by many embedded developers around the world. Check out if it’s right for you and the hardware you work with.

Which IDE or editor do you use the most for Python development?

Which unit testing frameworks do you regularly use?

Ivan Kravets

Ph.D., Inventor, CEO at PlatformIO Labs

The increasing adoption of testing frameworks in the embedded software development ecosystem is a promising trend, despite the current 20% of developers still not using them. This shift toward test-driven approaches signifies a positive direction, enhancing reliability and quality in embedded systems and demonstrating the industry’s commitment to delivering robust products.

Which project models or build systems do you regularly use?

How do you manage your third-party libraries in С or C++?

Ivan Kravets

Ph.D., Inventor, CEO at PlatformIO Labs

This poll highlights a concerning trend in embedded development, where many developers continue to struggle with the outdated practices of managing third-party libraries. Embracing a declarative approach is crucial as it can not only alleviate this complexity but also significantly enhance the overall developer experience. This results in more efficient handling of multiple libraries, ultimately accelerating progress in the field of embedded software development.

Which compilers do you regularly use?

Ivan Kravets

Ph.D., Inventor, CEO at PlatformIO Labs

The overwhelming preference for the GCC compiler can be attributed to its open-source nature, extensive architecture support, and robust optimization capabilities, which collectively empower developers with flexibility and cost-effective solutions for their embedded projects.



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