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These questions were shown only to those respondents who are employed by a company or organization.

Which of the following types of tools do you regularly use?

Which of the following communication tools do you regularly use for work?

For which of the following types of tools do you use the mobile app version?

Mobile app usage for communication tools has clearly been taking a dive after peaking in 2020 and 2021. The probable reason is that more employees are returning to the office, which many companies seem to be encouraging.

Which continuous integration (CI) system do you regularly use?

Which of the following tools do you use in your company / organization for …?

What version control systems do you regularly use?

Git is the de facto standard for version control in general software development. Still, there are areas in which other systems are competing well, such as Perforce for game development (35% of its users are game developers).

What version control services do you regularly use?

Which of the following types of tools have you and/or your team adopted in the past 12 months?

Maarten Balliauw

Developer Advocate, JetBrains

Remote development and dev environments are a great way for teams to standardize the development environment and get new dev machines up and running quickly (even on demand in the cloud). It’s great to see that our industry is now starting to apply infrastructure-as-code for development machines, as well.

Do you use any of the following types of tools in the cloud?

Elena Pishkova

YouTrack Marketing Lead, JetBrains

Usage of project management and issue tracking solutions among teams is on the rise. This year, even more teams reported having adopted a new solution. With YouTrack, we see that technical teams are particularly interested in the combination of project management, workflow management, and robust issue tracking functionalities. About half of teams choose YouTrack Cloud for its easy setup, while the other half prefer self-hosting for greater control.

What type of installation does your primary CI/CD tool have?

How do you prefer to work with a version control system (e.g. Git, SVN)?

Maarten Balliauw

Developer Advocate, JetBrains

It’s great to see the increasing use of IDEs for working with version control in 2023. I might be biased, but the Git tooling in JetBrains IDEs is fantastic and so much easier to use. Interactive rebase in IntelliJ IDEA is a pleasure to work with.

What tools do you use in your company / organization for artifact / package management?

What tools do you use in your company / organization for code review?

What tools do you use in your company / organization for video calls / conferences?

What tools do you use in your company / organization for knowledge sharing and document collaboration?

Elena Pishkova

YouTrack Marketing Lead, JetBrains

At JetBrains, we internally share our collective knowledge using YouTrack’s Knowledge base – a place for creating clear and engaging content with embedded videos and GIFs, Figma files, and Google docs. With features like full-text search, filters, tags, article history, and the ability to discuss content with our teammates in comments, sharing information across projects and teams is easier than ever.

If your company / organization is tied to a tooling stack / platform, which one is it?

What instant messaging / chat tools do you use at work?

For which of the following external tools and actions do you use plugins to integrate with your IDE?

What service desk / helpdesk tools do you use in your company / organization?

Starting in 2023, YouTrack comes with Helpdesk projects to help teams support external customers or maintain a service desk for internal users. Unlimited reporters and three support agents are available for free, and teams can choose between a cloud and a server editions.

What types of tasks do you solve with service desk / helpdesk tools?


Automate CI/CD pipelines of any complexity and scale, get notified of build problems in real time, and easily find commits that cause test failures.

TeamCity is a powerful CI/CD tool for developers and DevOps engineers. It integrates with your build and test tools, provides granular visibility into your DevOps pipelines, and helps you be more productive from day one.

JetBrains Space

A code collaboration platform that combines supercharged Git hosting, intelligent code reviews, quality gates, CI/CD tools, packages, and more. Space can completely cover your development pipeline while integrating with JetBrains IDEs and your existing tools. Available both in the cloud and on-premises, Space offers flexible pricing plans, including a free option. You can use Space from a browser, or as a desktop or mobile app.


YouTrack is a project management solution that can help you handle anything, from personal tasks to company-wide portfolios of projects, with ease and elegance.

Manage projects and tasks using agile boards to plan sprints and releases. Track progress with timesheets, Gantt charts, reports, and dashboards. Use automations with workflows that follow your business processes. Start a service desk for external or internal customers. Keep your teammates up to speed with a Knowledge base. With YouTrack, teamwork is easier than you think.

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