The Python questions were only shown to the developers who chose Python as one of their three primary programming languages.



This year's survey results provide numerous insights into Python's enduring popularity and widespread utility among developers. Despite the fast-paced evolution of programming languages, Python continues to maintain its position as a preferred choice for developers, as reflected by the responses.

Which version of Python do you use the most?

One in four respondents use the latest version of Python, released in October 2022. It took Python 3.11 approximately nine months to reach 27% adoption.

What do you use Python for?

The use cases of Python have remained stable year over year, with the most popular areas of usage being data analysis, web development, and machine learning.


The survey results indicate a consistent growth in Python's adoption across various domains, with data analysis (47%), machine learning (42%), and web development (40%) emerging as the top use cases. This versatility underscores Python's resilience and adaptability, which make it a go-to choice for developers working across different industries.

What web frameworks / libraries do you use in addition to Python?

FastAPI has seen increasing usage over the past couple of years, rising from 14% in 2021 to 25% in 2023. This framework is renowned for its focus on high performance and developer ergonomics, leveraging modern Python features such as type hinting and built-in async support. It is specifically designed for constructing APIs with Python, offering a range of additional features and benefits to enhance development efficiency.

What data science frameworks do you use in addition to Python?

NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib remain the most popular frameworks for data science tasks. PyTorch improved its position by 7 percentage points since last year, probably as a result of the growing popularity of deep learning.

Which of the following frameworks / libraries do you use in addition to Python?

The popularity of most frameworks remains steady year after year. Requests stands out as the most favored framework used with Python.

What other technologies do you use in addition to Python?

The vast majority of respondents don’t use other technologies in addition to Python. Every fourth Python developer uses object-relational mappers.

Which IDE / editor do you mostly use for Python development?

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