These questions were only shown to the developers who chose C as one of their three primary programming languages.


Which C standard do you regularly use?

Unlike C++ updates, changes to the C language standard are less known to the wider audience. However, the upcoming C2x standard brings many great improvements to the language, like the nullptr_t type and the nullptr constant, enum with no fixed underlying type, and the long-awaited constexpr, though only for objects and not functions.

Which compilers do you regularly use?


In CLion, you can use GCC-based, Clang, MSVC, and IAR compilers. For rare or custom cases, a custom compiler feature enables any arbitrary compiler in CLion.

Which IDE / editor do you use the most for C development?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

This year we used more granular answer options to reveal that, among those who don’t write any unit tests at all, about one-third still do other kinds of testing.

Which project models or build systems do you regularly use?

Which dependency managers do you use in your projects?

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