These questions were only shown to the developers who chose C as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which C standard do you regularly use?

Adoption of the C11 standard has been slow, but we can expect C11 to move into first place in the next three years. It was, however, at the top of the list in Embedded development (home automation and other hardware), with a 47% share.

Which IDE or editor do you use the most for C development?

After years of Vi/Vim leading the pack, VS Code has moved into first place. However, in Embedded development, Vi/Vim still holds the second-place position. CLion’s share is also growing quickly. Would you like to try CLion for your Embedded projects?

Which unit-testing frameworks do you regularly use?

What dependency managers do you use in your projects?

Dependency managers are not very popular in the C community. Only 14% of the respondents use some sort of non-system software to manage dependencies.

Which project models or build systems do you regularly use?

Which compilers do you regularly use?

GCC is the most popular compiler, but compilers for microcontrollers in Embedded development are also particularly popular with a share of 38%, which puts them above Clang and MSVC.

What types of software do you develop with C?

Of course, C is now the main language for hardware, and the growing home automation market is creating a new audience for it.

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